The identifiers are in relation to the author Skip Harrison.

GGGP     - Great, great, grandparent
GGP        - Great grandparent
GP           - Grandparent
P              - Parent
S              - Sibling

C              -Child
GC           -Grandchild
GGC         -Great Grand Child

Chance Abrams - GGGP ~ Born about 1829 in South Carolina.  Death date is unknown.  Spouse is Viney Abrams.  Both parents were born in Virginia.   At some point Chance and Viney moved to Alabama and lived in Fox Mills during the 1880 U.S. Census and had an occupation of "Farmer".   Back

Viney Abrams - GGGP ~ Born about 1838 in South Carolina.  Death date is unknown.  Spouse is Chance Abrams.  Both parents were born in South  Carolina.   The 1880 U.S. Census list the occupation as "Keeping House".  Back

Unknown - GGP ~ This is the father of Julius Abrams (Daddy Dear).  This person is not known to anyone in the family at this point. Back

Joicie Abrams - GGP ~ Born October, 1870 in Fox Mills, Alabama.  Death date is unknown.  This is the mother of Julius A. Abrams (Daddy Dear).  Joyce, as her later census records call her, was 18 years old when , her first children Julius "Daddy Dear" and Julius were born.  Later Joyce married Calvin May. Back

Calvin May - ~ Born xxxx.  Married Joyce Abrams and fathered Ethel May Back

Julius Andrew Abrams Daddy Dear- GP ~ Born Oct. 18, 1888 in Caledonia, Alabama.  Died Mar. 25, 1970 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Also know as Daddy Dear.  Worked in the Alger-Sullivan Lumber Mills in Foshee, Alabama.  After moving to Cincinnati began working for the Cincinnati Union Terminal and Railroad.  Married Lauretta Oster while living in Brewton, Alabama and fathered six daughters, one of which died at an early age.  Enjoyed country music, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and Leslie Uggams.  Favorites foods were okra,  a bowl of cottage cheese and cling peaches, and collard greens with ham hocks.  Enjoyed a daily nip or two of Meadwood Bourbon.  Believed that cod liver oil was a preventative and cure for most of what ailed you.  Favorite saying when mad was "I'll mash your mouth".  Daddy Dear practically raised me from a baby and he was the greatest person that I know.  I wish I knew more about him and I try to live by his philosophy of family first.

Joicie (Joyce Abrams) was his mother who was born in Alabama.  The father of Daddy Dear is unknown, however his maternal grandparents were Chance and Viney Abrams.


 Lauretta Foster Abrams -  GP ~ Born about 1893.  Died June 30, 1941.  Spouse is Julius A. Abrams.  Father was born in Alabama and mother was born in Georgia.  Gram as she was referred to died before I was born and I don't know anything about her.  Back

Julia Abrams Williams -  ~ Born Oct. 18, 1888 in Caledonia, Alabama.  Died January 1979 in Alabama.  Julia is the twin sister to Julius Abrams(Daddy Dear).    Back

Lydia Abrams ThompsonLydia Abrams - Born Jan, 1894 in Fox Mills or Brewton, Ala.  Died July, 1965 in Minnesota.  Back

Ethel May - Unknown  Back

Juliet Abrams Stewart - Born Dec. 31, 1914 in Brewton, Ala. Died Nov. 17, 2005 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Juliet married John Stewart who was an employee of Air France for many years.  As a result of his occupation they lived in Chicago, Paris, and for a long period of time in New York City in Queens.  Her father Daddy Dear was able to get passes for the railroad and I would spend a few summers in New York visiting them.  I have fond memories of Hollis were they lived, riding the subway, going to Coney Island, swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean, The Empire State Building, Central Park, the Bronx Zoo, and many other things New York had to offer a pre-teen kid. Back

Bruetta Abrams  Back

Bernice Abrams McMahon - Born May 25, 1917, in Brewton, Ala..  Died Nov. 15, 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio.    Bernice attended East Night HighBernice_Abrams School as a sophomore in 1936 as pictured in the front row fourth from the right. Back

Lillian Abram Paige  -  Born December 4, 1920 in Brewton, Ala.  Died  Oct. 23, 1990 in Milpitas, Ca.  Back

Mildred Lois Abrams Harrison Graham - P ~ Born March 18,1923 in Brewton, Alabama.  Died Mildred AbramsJuly 20, 1992 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Daughter of Daddy Dear, Julius Abrams, and Lauretta.  Mother to Ken, Jim, and Skip Harrison.  Worked mainly as restaurant help, dry cleaners and domestic care.                                   
The picture to the left is Melvina and Mildred from bottom at left and right respectively.  The older lady and the young boy are unknown to the author. Back

Melvina Abrams HendersonMelvina Abrams  - Born March 18,1923 in Brewton, Alabama.  She was the twin sister to Mildred, daughter to Daddy Dear and Lauretta.  born just a few minutes later. Died October 31, 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio  Back

James Harrison -  P ~ Born December 2, 1920 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Died march 26, 1980.  This is my fatherBack

 Kenneth Harrison- S~ Born November 1, 1940 in Cincinnati. Died April 28th, 2014.  This is my oldest brother.  Ken lived in the Laurel Homes and went to Washburn Elementary School from 1st through 6th grade and finished his middle and high school training at Walnut Hills college preparatory school.  After graduating in 1958 Ken began a career at Western Southern Life Insurance in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ken married Verneda Cole in 1958 and together they had five children.  Dennis was born in 1959, Kenny in 1960, Julia in 1961, Kevin in 1963, and Valerie in 1964.


James JimgrahamWilliam Harrison Graham S~ Born July 12, 1942 in Cincinnati. Died December 20th, 2014. This is the younger of my two brothers.  Lived in the Laurel Homes and went to Washburn Elementary School and after the family moved to Findlay Street attended Sands Elementary School, Bloom Junior High School and then graduated from Taft High School in 1960. After high school Jim enlisted in the U.S. Marines spending time in San Diego and at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

After spending four years in the military Jim began a 37 year career with the US Postal Service at the main depot in downtown Cincinnati working, for the lost part on the night shift.  In 1966 Jim married Wilhelmina (Mina) Coker and had children Rhonda 1965, James Andrew 1970.   Stephen was born in 1962  and Michael in 1964.

Jim retired from the post office in 2002 .

Julius Darryl HarrisonSkip Harrison- Born April 2, 1944 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This is the author of this page.  My earliest memories are of living in Cincinnati, Ohio and beginning kindergarten At Washburn Elementary School.  We lived at 1556 Linn Street in a Public Works Administration housing project called the Laurel Homes , the second largest project of its kind.  Just before entering the fourth grade at Sands Elementary School we moved out of the projects to 551 Findlay Street about four blocks from the old Crosley Field where the professional baseball team Reds played before moving to their new Riverfront Stadium.  I attended Bloom Junior High School and my 10th grade through graduation in 1962 was at Robert A. Taft High School.

I spent a year working at Christ Hospital Research Institute and in June of 1963 left Ohio and moved to California and began work at the University of California at Davis in a newly opened Regional Primate Center.  Two years were spent working there and in 1965 I enlisted in the US Army where I served a three year obligation. While in the military I was stationed in Monterey Ca., Red Bank, NJ
, Gulfport MS., Tachikawa Japan, and Udorn Thailand.  In my first year of military service I married Janet Woods and we began a family with our first child being born in December of 1965. A month after I was discharged in 1968 we had our second and final child.

While in the
 military I became trained as an electronic technician which I used to land a job with the main provider of telephone service in California, Pacific Telephone.  I worked for one subsidiary or another of AT&T for 23 years and left that organization in 1991 and began a career as a telecommunications manager for DST located in El Dorado Hills, Ca.  I worked at DST for 15 years and retired in 2006 at the age of 62.

Janet Ann Woods HarrisonJanet Harrison - Born April 10, 1940 in Buffalo, New York.  This is the wife of Julius Harrison (the author).  Janet is the daughter of John Curtin Woods and Emily Jezioro.  Her early childhood was spent in Buffalo, the family then moved Cincinnati, Ohio in 1953.  Janet attended catholic schools from her elementary grades and throughout her college days at the University of Dayton.  At UD Janet earned a BS degree in Biology and Chemistry, graduating in 1961.  Janet briefly worked back in Buffalo, New York and then moved to Davis, California for good in 1964.  After moving to  Davis, Janet began working at the Regional Primate Center on the UC Davis campus studying and researching malaria. 

Janet married Julius Harrison on August 19th in 1965, at St. James Catholic Church (the Newman Center) .  Together they had two daughters Kimberly Ann -1965 and Leslie Marie -1968.  Janet  enjoys various forms of needlework, attending first-run movies, reading, and working out on home exercise equipment.  Janet is also active in the church and visits the sick and provides communion services as an Eucharistic Minister.  Collecting Christmas and other holiday decorations and knick-knacks is a passion and it gives her great pleasure to display the seasonal bounty.  Watching college basketball, pro-golf, and any sport her four grandchildren are participating in is another passion she can't resist.

Janet has been noted on many research papers that have been published in various medical publications and has presented posters at the International Society for Thrombosis and Hemostasis conventions and also at the American Society of Hematology. She has also provided over 45 years of service to world renown doctors and research laureates.  

Kimberly Ann Harrison DeLaughderKimberly De Laughder - Born December 30, 1965 in Woodland, CA.  Kimberly was the first child born to Janet and Julius (the author) Harrison and the older sister to Leslie Harrison.  Kim, as her family calls her, enjoyed cheerleading at Holmes Junior High School, performing in the Madrigals at Davis High School, and also playing basketball there.   Kim became one of the better players in high school and went on to play basketball at the University of California Davis where she held top ten rebounding records for more than ten years after her graduation.  Kim graduated from high school in 1984 and later received a BA degree in Organizational Studies from UC Davis in 1989.

Kim married Ray DeLaughder in 1989 and together they had three children, Tyler -1993, MaKenzie -1995, and Peyton -1995.  As a military family they were stationed in Alaska, Colorado, North Carolina, and Louisiana.  Kim stills enjoys an array of sports and  is fully involved with the children in soccer, basketball, and track.  She also enjoys walking, biking, and working out at the gym.

Kim's professional career began in the banking industry and later, after moving back to Davis, became an Academic Personnel Analyst for the University of California at Davis. Back

Leslie Marie Harrison  Leslie Harrison - Born June 19, 1968 in Davis, CA.  Leslie was the second child and daughter of Janet and Julius (the author) Harrison.  Athletic and academic success was achieved at all levels from elementary school and throughout college.  Leslie was a dedicated gymnast and later a very accomplished coach and mentor for young ladies interested in the sport.

Leslie grew up in Davis, CA and graduated from Davis High School in 1986.  She continued her education at the University of California at Davis and graduated with a BA degree in Organizational Studies in 1992.  Her career gravitated toward Human Resources and she later became the accounting department manager and controller for a large wholesale consumer products corporation.

Leslie is the mother of Travis J. Harrison (born 1989) and has been in a long term relationship with Pete McCarthy.  Her hobbies include walking for charities, gardening, movie, music, and getting together with friends to  play cards.  Playing poker may be her favorite game but she has always enjoyed board games of all sorts.       Back  

Ray DeLaughder - Born Oct 28, 1966 in Clear Lake, CA.  Ray lived most of his younger life in Davis, CA, he married my daughter Kimberly in 1989. Ray has served in the US Army for over 20 years as of this writing in 2009. Back

Michael Wion - Born in Woodland, CA in 1963.  Michael is the father of Travis Harrison my oldest grandson.  Back  

Tyler Lewis DeLaughder  - Born February 15, 1993 in Anchorage , Alaska.  My second grandson, the son of Kimberly and Ray DeLaughder.Tyler Enjoys playing the saxophone and basketball.  Is interested in gaming on the computer.  Back  

Peyton Wyatt DeLaughderPeyton - Born February 15, 1995 in Anchorage , Alaska.  My third grandson, the son of Kimberly and Ray DeLaughder.  Enjoys military history and track and field. Back

Makenzie Rae DeLaughderKenzie  -Born February 15, 1995 in Anchorage , Alaska.  My first granddaughter, the daughter of Kimberly and Ray DeLaughder.  Enjoys music and playing select soccer.   Back

Travis Jennings Harrison  - Born August 23, 1989 in Davis, Ca.  My first grandchild.    The son of Leslie Harrison and Michael Wion.  Enjoys outdoor grilling and anything automotive.  Nearing graduation from prestigious technical institute.    Back