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This site was designed as a project by me for several reasons.
  • Working with computers and computer programs is a challenge.
  • I wanted to publish my own site for a long while.
  • In my retirement it is something to keep my mind occupied.
  • Wanted to have a place to put pictures and other documents to share with the family.
  • A place for friends to go and download forms I created for various reasons.

Things will be changing constantly.
Currently you can view -

Genealogy page -  The first page is a graphical view of my maternal side of the family from my great, great, grandparents down through my grandchildren.  Each block in the diagram is clickable and will take you to a little bio on that person along with a picture.  You need a login and password for this section.

My Photo Gallery - This is a section that will be very large when I am done with it.  I am in the process of sorting and captioning a ton of pictures that I have taken around the world.

Misc - Here you will find some documents I created while doing volunteer work for St. James Catholic Church showing how certain things work and procedures for certain activities.  Other material is related to sports activities such as basketball rules and chain gang instructions.

BrothersSports - This is where I began this site.  I wanted to talk smack with my brothers and keep tabs on our favorite teams.  They are Ohio fans and I am a West Coaster.  Predicting where the Reds would finish in this years pennant race was what got me stated.  If you click on the Reds logo you will see where I have charted the scores of the games, the person that is the closest to their prediction, the predicted season won loss record, streaks and other stuff.  Also find schedules for our favorite teams.

Contact - You can email me there.


Why do I always have my arms around someone?

Skip & Niner

This was at a 49'er game about five years ago. 



It's not really Don King.  This is a wax figure of Don in Las Vegas, the grey haired old dude is real (I think?).