Putting Pavers in the Backyard

This area had some plants that never really grew well and there was redwood bark as a ground cover.  It looked like crap so we decided to take it all out and put in the concrete pavers. I dug all the old stuff out and leveled the dirt as much as I could to get started.  The black pipe carries water from the back roof out to the front yard since my property slopes toward the house.

In my zeal I cut the aforementioned corrugated pipe and had to splice in a new section.  The pavers were staged to be laid.
 A bed of sand is put down as a base for the pavers.  That blue chisel is used to cut the pavers if necessary.

Having the big curve really complicated things.  You can see my persuader off to the side. It took a couple tries to get the curve just right.  Lots of cutting.  The white bag is holding the sand.

I used the 2x4 as a guide for level and to slope the pavers slightly away from the house for drainage.  I didn't use those fancy bricks.  Those were from another project.  I was just trying them out in this area.  Their odd shape would have made them to difficult to use.  The finished product.  The rocks up by the sliding door are kind of muddied.  They should look better when the dry.

Completed view from the other side.  When are the pavers are in place you sweep fine to medium sand into the joints to lock everything together.  I did that and will also use some mortar in some problem areas.  That's it!