Storage Shed Project

The shed area was first leveled and the 12"x12" concrete blocks were put down as a base for the enclosure. This is a view of the initial installation from the side.

A total of 63 blocks was needs to get the 9x 7 foot pad.  The knee pads were a God-send for this project.
 The pad is finally completed and sand was used to fill in the gaps between the concrete blocks.

Same pad, different angle. The shed turned out to be 6'x8' and the shot here makes it look like there were only a few parts but in actuality there were 157 parts and 185 screws of various sizes that had to be put togehter.

The finished product is somewhat obscured by redwood trees which is a desired effect.  The finished product from the side.  The little window and the skylights provide a lot light when doing activities inside the shed.


This shows some of the stuff I want to put in the shed in order to get them from cluttering up the rest of the yard.  Primarily I want to be able to find the stuff when I want it.  The lawn mover fits nicely in there.


Another view.  There is still room for more.