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Weiner and Weir

 I'm sure I wont be the first to claim this, but it occurred to me while the whole Weiner affair was dragging out.
Before he resigned (as has now been reported), I was going to suggest this headline:

Weiner Finds It Hard to Pull Out!

At least he was spared the ignominy of having a first name like Dick.

Speaking of Dick, the guy who played Les Nessman on WKRP?  His name was Richard Sanders.  I always thought of Dick Sanders when I saw him and what type of machines they would be.

And what about the famous lefty golfer Mike Weir (he's won a Masters)?  I can't help but pronounce it myself or hear from others "My Queer" when it comes to his name.  What were his parents thinking?

More Weenie's!

The congressman probably told the porn star, "I want to stick the Weiner in your buns, with relish."

Apparently Barbara Walters had access to the picture of his junk.  She said right on the air that he had a right to brag.  That's what thinking below the belt will make you do.  Can anyone say "Narcissus"?

Editors note - I don't make this stuff up folks I just post them.


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