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The Delyrians
A Doo Wop group I participated in from 1958 through 1961.

Some people wanted to call us the Delirious Delyrians.  We sang songs contemporary to the times.  Frankie Lyman, Smoky Robinson, The Drifters, and numerous other groups that have long faded from popularity and from my memory.  We were world famous, not really, but very popular in the West End neighborhood of Cincinnati.

For the most part, all the guys attended school together from elementary school through high school.  Baboo was a few years older than the rest of the guys and was not an original, Donald Swain attended Hughes High School while all the others attended R.A. Taft High School.

Top Row left-right
 Richard Rollins (bass), Ricky Hargrove (lead), Reginald Jenkins (baritone)   

Bottom Row left-right
Skip Harrison ( 1st tenor), Baboo (guitar), Donald Swain (2nd tenor)




Udorn Thailand 1967 

I don't know why I had this Miss America pose.  This was taken in front of the van I worked in while in Thailand for 12 months.  AN/TRC-90A stands for Army Navy / Tropo-scatter, radio, and carrier, model 90A.

It was a radio relay station between Chaing Mai and Ubon, Thailand carrying 20 channels of voice and 4 channels of data.  We were a part of an overall communications network supporting the Viet Nam effort. 

Udorn Work Site

Don King and Skip

If you look closely you can tell that this is not really Don King. It is actually a wax sculptor positioned outside the Venetian  Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  The guy on the left looks kind of stiff too!

Skip & Don