Skip Harrison

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Some pictures of Udorn taken in 1967 

The barracks in the rear of the picture behind the Fire Alarm Bell were the homes of the Thai Army personnel. Much nicer than the ones we had. 

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 The guard shack near the entrance to the compound.  The area outside the swinging gate flooded most of the time and water buffalo would hang out around there.      





The cute guy with his hand on his hip is Specialist Julius "Skip" Harrison standing in front of his radio van.  

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AN/TRC-90A.  Army Navy/ Transportable Radio Communications version 90A.  The transportable van was on stilts to keep it above the water that would routinely flood the area. 





Every year there was a so-called water festival in Udorn.  Don't really know the significance of the whole ordeal but everybody went around dousing each other with water.