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10/10/2010 - Phillies 2 Reds 0 - The Phillies sweep the Reds to move on to the NLCS against either San Francisco or Atlanta.

10/9/2010 - No game today.  Game three in Cincinnati on Sunday 10/10/10.

10/8/2010 - Phillies 7 Reds 4 - The Reds would have have won the game had it not been for bad pitching, bad hitting, worst fielding.  The Reds are down 2-0 in the NLDS

10/7/2010 - No game today.  Game two of the series is Friday the 8th in Philadelphia.

10/6/2010 - Phillies 4 Reds 0 - The Phillies Roy Halladay pitched a complete game no-hitter and walked on one batter as the Reds were embarrassed in the first game of the NLDS 4-0.

National League Division Series

10/5/2010 - No game today.  Playoffs against Philadelphia begin on Wednesday 10/6/2010.

10/4/2010 - No game today.  Playoffs against Philadelphia begin on Wednesday 10/6/2010.

Closest to actual %Ken .062Skip .074Jim .080

Regular season ends

10/3/2010 - Reds 3 Brewers 2  - Bruce's solo homer in the 4th proved to be the difference in the game as the Reds win their final regular season game.  After a couple days rest they make an appearance in  Philadelphia to begin the playoffs for the National League crown.  Final season record is 91-71 (.562).  And the foregone conclusion is that Ken wins the battle of the Bro's for the second year in a row.

10/2/2010 - Reds 7 Brewers 4  - Miller caps a three run 7th with a two run homer to help the Reds take the middle game in the  final series of the year.    With one more game in the regular season the overall record is now 90-71.

10/1/2010 - Brewers 4 Reds 3 - The Reds lose the opener of the final series of the regular season.  September was a so-so month at 12-15 (.444).  Season record is now 89-71.

9/30/2010 - Reds 9 Astros 1 - The Reds take two of three from the Astros and outscore them 12-5 in the home set.  Season record now 19 games over .500 89-70. Looks like a Philly roadee for the Reds.

9/29/2010 - Astros 2 Reds 0 - One couldn't blame the Reds for a little let down after clinching the Central last night.  Astros shutout the Reds 2-0.  Season record is now 88-70.

Reds Win The NL Central

9/28/2010 -  Reds 3 Astros 2  -  On the first pitch in the bottom of the 9th Jay Bruce put the Reds in the playoffs with a walk-off homerun to win the game against the Astros 3-2.  The win puts the Reds in the playoffs for the first time since 1995.  Their opponent is yet to be determined from the Phillies, Braves, Giants, or Padres.  Season record is now 88-69.  Oh yeah, the e-number is "0"

9/27/2010 - No game today.  Play the Astros at home tomorrow and finish the season in the friendly confines of GABP later in a series against the Brewers.

9/26/2010 - Reds 12 Padres 2 - With 4 RBI's by Heisey and 3 more by Votto the Reds powered themselves into at least a tie for the National League West pennant.  St. Louis prolonged the inevitable by besting  the Cubs but can back out of it with a loss to the Pirates tomorrow. The Reds are off until Tuesday when they play the Astros.  Season record is now 87-69 and the e-number is at 1.

9/25/2010 - Padres 4 Reds 3 - The Padres score the winning run off Chapman with two out in the bottom of the ninth to get the win.  The Cards lose so the e-game lowers to 2.  Season record in now 86-69.  A paltry .391 for September and the .555 season record is the lowest since July 31st. 

9/24/2010 - Padres 4 Reds 3 - Stubbs got the Reds rolling with a solo shot in the 2nd inning, and they lead the Pads 3-2 after 7 1/2 innings.  However, the playoff anxious team from San Diego fought back with two runs in their half of the 7th to go ahead and finish the game at the final score of 4-3.  The elimination number remains at 3 with this loss and the victory earlier by the Cards.  Season record is now 86-68. The won/loss record for September is an unimpressive 9-13 (.409).

9/23/2010 -  No game today, play in San Diego tomorrow 9/24/2010. St. Louis won their game today and the elimination number remains at 3.

Ken said - A terrible thing is also this: if the season ended today, the Reds would have to play at Philadelphia in the first round.  NOBODY wants to do that.  They have to beat up on SD and root against Atlanta, the way I see it, to have home field advantage.  If Atlanta winds up with a better record than the Reds and wins the wild card, they would have to go West because Philadelphia cannot, by rule, play a wild card from its own division.

Oh well, I suppose I'm premature with this speculation, but with the elimination number for the Reds at three, I think they'll make it.  What in hell happened to the Cards?  They folded like paper at an origami convention.

9/22/2010 -  Brewers 13 Reds 1 - Not wanting to close the season out too fast the Reds scored one run in the first inning just to show the Brewers who's boss and then coasted the rest of the way while allowing the Suds to score 13.  They knew that the Cards had lost already and are tying to hold off on clinching until they get back to GABP.  NOT!! The Cards lose again so the elimination number is reduced to 3 and the season record is now 86-67.

9/21/2010 - Reds 4 Brewers 3 - CoCo scared everybody again allowing two runs to score in the bottom of the ninth inning.  It wasn't completely his fault as two errors were committed on one play for the runs.  However sloppy the Reds get the elimination number down to 4 as the Cards lose again. Season record is now 86-66

9/20/2010 -  Reds 5 Brewers 2 - Homeruns by Votto and Rolen in the 8th when the Reds scored three runs was the difference in the ballgame.  CoCo also quiets his critics, at least temporarily with a great closeout of the game.  The shutout loss of the Cards to the Marlins lowered the elimination number for the Cards to 6.  Season record is now 85-66.

9/19/2010 -  Astros 4 Reds 3 - Trying to come back, the Reds score three runs in the eight but to no avail as the Astros hold on for the 4-3 victory.  Season record is now 84-66, 18 games over .500 from a season high of 23 on September 4th.  The magic number holds at 8.

9/18/2010 -  Reds 11 Astros 1 - The Reds scored runs in the game like they vote in Chicago, early and often.  The 11 runs are the most scored since the 12-11 victory against the Giants on August 25. Combined with the St. Louis loss to San Diego the magic number is down to 8.  Season record is now 84-65.

9/17/2010 -  Astros 5 Reds 3  - The Reds took the lead in the 6th inning 3-2 but wouldn't score again in the game.  The Astros got to the Reds phenom Chapman handing him his first loss as an MLB'er.  Season record is now 83-65 and the magic number holds at 10.  September record is currently an unimpressive 6-10 (.375).

9/16/2010 -  Diamond Backs 3 Reds 1  - The Reds scored first but could only manage the one run for the game while the D'Backs bunched  three together in the fifth for the final 3-1 score.  Season record is now 83-64 and the magic number holds at 10.

9/15/2010 -  Reds 7 Diamond Backs 5 - The Reds jumped out to a 5-0 lead after two innings and held on as the Diamond Backs chip away at that lead to get it close at 5-4. In the 8th the Reds get two additional runs for the final score of 7-5.  True to form as of late CoCo makes things very uncomfortable  allowing the potential tying run to the plate.  Bruce saved the day with a catch of an apparent homerun destined ball to end the game.  Season record is now 83-63 and the magic number is now 11 pending the outcome of the Cards vs Cubs game.

9/14/2010 - Diamond Backs 3 Reds 1 - The Reds had the winning run at the plate and only and outstanding catch in the outfield kept this game under control for the Diamond Backs. The win is the first of the year for the D'Backs against the Reds.  Season record is now 82-63.

9/13/2010 - Reds 6 Diamond Backs 2 - Five home runs, including two by Bruce's return to the line-up, powered the Reds to the 7-2 win.  Season record is now 82-62.  Magic number is reduced to 13 with the loss of the Cards at the hands of the Cubs in St. Louis.

9/12/2010 - Pirates 3 Reds 1 - Leading 1 to zip in the top of the ninth the Reds and Cordero allow 3 Pirate runs to let it slip away.  The heart of the line-up came up in the bottom of the ninth to load the bases but could not get the runs across to tie or go ahead.  Season record is now 81-62.

 9/11/2010 - Reds 5 Pirates 4 - Another extra inning game against the Pirates and the outcome is the same, the Reds are victorious.  After leading by three and then trialing by one the Reds tie it up in the ninth and win it in the 10th on a walk off homer by Votto.   The magic number drops to 15 and the season record improves to 81-61.  The win means the Reds will not have a losing season for the first time since 2000.

9/10/2010 - Reds 4 Pirates 3 - It took 12 innings and a play at the plate but the home cooking was what it took to get the Reds back in the win column.  It was even more sweet because the Cards lost to the Braves to lower the magic number to 17.  Season record is now 80-61 and a 6 game lead over the Cards.

9/9/2010 - Rockies 6 Reds 5 - Very disappointing to carry a 5-0 lead into the bottom of the 4th only to lose 6-5 in the later innings on a steal of home plate.  The defeat completed the 4 game sweep of the Reds by the Rockies in Denver.  It also marked the 5th straight loss overall.  Pending the outcome of the Cardinal game later tonight the Magic Number remains at 19 and the season record is 79-61.  The winning percentage for September is a paltry .250 and the O/U record of 18 is the worst since August 24th.  The .564 winning percentage is the lowest since August 14th.

9/8/2010 - Rockies 9 Reds 2 -  Four losses in a row and five out of six and counting.  The Rockies are proving to be a handful for the Reds on this road trip.  Again the Reds reduce their Magic number to 19 by virtue of a St. Louis loss to the Brewers.  Season record is now 79-60.

9/7/2010 - Rockies 4 Reds 3 - Another Rocky Mountain low.  The Reds lose their third straight game and second to the Rockies on this current trip.  The pain is eased somewhat by the loss of the Cards to the Brewers.  Magic number is now 20 and the season record is 79-59.

9/6/2010 - Rockies 10 Reds 5 - With the Cards winning their game against the Brewers the magic number remains at 21.  The Reds begin the 4 gamer at Denver on the wrong foot but can make up for it in the next three games or so.  Season record is now 79-58.

9/5/2010 - Cards 4 Reds 2 - The Reds jumped out to a 2 run lead in the 5th inning but that would be all the scoring they get while the Cards score 4 straight. Getting one of three in St. Louis might be all one could ask for.  The Cards have beaten the Reds seven more games than any other club this year.  Season record in now 79-57 and the magic number remains at 21.  Off to the Rockies to play the Rockies for the fourth time this season.

9/4/2010 - Reds 6 Cards 1 - The Reds score more runs in the first inning today than they could muster in 9 innings yesterday.  Even though they left 18 runners on base the effort was more than enough to send the Cards packing in their own stadium.  Season record is now 79-56 and the magic number is down to 21.

9/3/2010 - Cards 3 Reds 2 - Lackluster performance by the Reds tonight in St. Louis.  Breaks the 4 games win streak and starts off the road trip on a sour note.  The Cardinals have now beat the Reds 11 out of 16 games this year.  Season record is now 78-56.  Magic number remains at 23.

9/2/2010 - No game today.  Face Cardinals tomorrow (Friday) for three over the weekend.
Ken said: 
"An oddity that may have escaped you (Skip):  Brandon Phillips has not batted or fielded for five games, yet has scored three runs.  He was a pinch-runner in three straight games and scored every time.
Newly-arrived Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman hit the radar for 104 mph twice last night (fastest ever, they say)."

Thanks Ken, that is some great information and thanks for the correction.  That was a test.  I didn't know that about either Phillips or Chapman.  I saw where the sports pundits were giving Chapman all kinds of kudos but I did not see that stat, awesome.

9/1/2010 - Reds 6 Brewers 1 -   The Reds make another sweep of their opponent taking three from the Brewers.  The 7th inning proved to be the pivotal one when the Reds dropped a six spot on the Suds.  The Cards lost again and now the lead is a robust 8 games in the Central.  The Reds go to St. Louis for three games starting Friday to see if they can put this thing away. Season record is now 78-55 and the magic number is 23.

8/31/2010 - Reds 8 Brewers 4 - The Reds make the most of their 10 hits scoring 8 runs with Votto producing three of those runs on two hits.  The win along win the Cards loss to the Astros give the Reds a 7 game lead and the magic number is reduced to 25.  Season record is now 77-55.

8/30/2010 - Reds 5 Brewers 4 -   Bruce drives in the winning run in the bottom of the 10th to give the Reds the 5-4 final score.  The Reds move to 6 games ahead of the Cardinals that were shutout by the Astros lowering the Magic Number to 27. Season record is now 76-55.

8/29/2010 - Reds 7 Cubs 5 - The Cubs leave 21 runners stranded and the Reds maintain their mastery over the Cubs at 12 and 4 for the season.  Season record is now 75-55.

8/28/2010 - Cubs 3 Reds 2 - The Reds outhit the Cubs but leave 15 men on base and lose by one run.   The lead in the Central remains at 4 due to the loss by St. Louis to the Nationals.  Season record is now 74-55.

8/27/2010 - Reds 7 Cubs 1 - Bruce batted 3 for 3 with a walk and 5 RBI's to lead the Reds on a 7-1 win over the Cubs.  The victory pushes the Reds dominance over the Cubs to 11 of 14 games for the season.  The Reds maintain a 4 game lead over the Cards with three fewer losses in the defeat column.  Season record is now 74-54.

8/26/2010 - No game today.  Face Cubs tomorrow at GABP.

8/25/2010 - Reds 12 Giants 11 - Season record is now 73-54.
Ken said -
Wow, on Thursday when two teams overcame 10-1 deficits (Colorado against Atlanta, San Francisco against Cincinnati), the Reds were fortunate enough to rally to tie then defeat the Giants in 12 innings  A 6-3 road trip sure sounds better than a 5-4 one and made for a happier flight home, I'm sure.
Hey, I'm not a superstitious guy, but now that Joey Votto is on this week's Sports Illustrated's cover, I get a little twitchy thinking about the so-called SI cover jinx.  He's been riding high.  I'll be curious to see how he does this weekend against Chicago.
At this writing, the Cardinals are losing to the Nationals, who are still batting in the bottom of the seventh, 8-5.  Go Nats!

8/24/2010 - Giants 16 Reds 5 - The night of the long ball as the Giants take the second straight from the Reds.  Guess the Giants have longer balls than the Reds.  Season record is now 72-54. 

8/23/2010 - Giants 11 Reds 2 - The first inning five run display by the Giants would have been more than enough for victory but they added 4 more in the 8th to add insult to injury.  August is still looking good at 14-6 (.700).  Season record is now 72-53. 

8/22/2010 - Reds 5 Dodgers 2 - With some timely hitting by Votto the Reds get the rubber match game against the Dodgers.  The win puts the Reds back to 20 games over .500 at 72-52, a 38 game improvement versus the 124 game mark last year.  The Reds travel to San Francisco tomorrow for the start of a three games series.  The win today assured a successful road trip as they are 5-1 so far for the 9 game trip.

8/21/2010 - Dodgers 8 Reds 5 - Cueto gave up 5 runs in three innings and the Reds could not recover from the early deficit.  The Reds score twice in the 6th and 7th to make it close but couldn't quite get there.   Season record is 71-52.

8/20/2010 - Reds 3 Dodgers 1 - Phillips drove in all three runs in the game for the Reds as they take their fourth straight road game and seventh win in this current streak.  The win also enabled them to push the lead to 4.5 games ahead of the Cardinals.  Season record is 71-51 and another season high 20 games over .500.

8/19/2010 - Reds 9 D-Backs 5 - Another series sweep for the Reds and a season high 6 game winning streak.  The win pushes the Central lead to 3.5 games and a Magic Number of 40.   Both teams scored in bunches, especially in the 8th when a total of 9 runs were pushed across the plate.  Season record is 70-51 and another season high 19 games over .500.

8/18/2010 - Reds 11 D-Backs 7 - Scoring 8 runs total in the last two innings the Reds come from behind to take the second straight game from the D Backs.  The Reds bats were rocking with 18 hits and the win is the 5th straight.  Season record is 69-51 and another season high 18 games over .500.

8/17/2010 - Reds 6 D-Backs 2 - Ten  strikeouts didn't keep the Reds from scoring runs late in the game for the 6-2 victory.  The Reds draw first blood in the initial meeting of the teams this season.  The Reds are riding a 4 game winning streak and recorded their highest over .500 mark at 17.   August has been a good month so far with a 10-4 (.714) record.  think what it could have been without the sweep at the hands of the Cards.  Season record in now 68-51.

8/16/2010 - No games today - Visit Diamondbacks tomorrow for the start of a crucial 9 game road trip.

8/15/2010 - Reds 2 Marlins 0 - After losing three straight to the Cards the Reds get things going and sweep the Marlins in three.  The victory puts the Reds in first place pending the outcome of the Cards/Cubs game where the Cubs are leading big as of this writing.  The only scoring in the game came off of the Cairo homer in the sixth.  The sixteen games over .500 ties the season high.  Season record now 67-51.

Ken said.
They call Cincinnati Reds closer Francisco Codero "Coco" because of the repetition of the syllable in his names.  Well, Coco is driving me loco!  I can't remember how many saves he has nearly blown this year by giving walks, hits and runs.  I do know he has actually blown six saves and lost four games outright.
Well after sweeping Florida, the Reds (with the help of Chicago's taking two pout of three from the Cards) are back in first place.  The Cubs did try to cough it up today, almost blowing a seven run lead in the ninth inning.

8/14/2010 - Reds 5 Marlins 4 - The Reds were outhit 8-7 but underscored  5-4.  The win puts the Reds in a virtual tie with the Cards for 1st place .  Season record now 66-51.

8/13/2010 - Reds 7 Marlins 2 - Right out of the chute the Reds jumped on the Marlins with 3 runs in their half of the 1st.  The Reds made the most of their 12 hits while the Marlins only got 2 runs for their 11 hits.  Total LOB's was a high 34 for the teams collectively.  The Cards look good to keep the lead with a victory over the Cubs.  Season record is now 65-51. 

8/12/2010 - No game today.  Host the Marlins tomorrow.

8/11/2010 - Cards 6 Reds 1 - Maybe the Reds aren't demoralized but I certainly am.  A sweep at home at the hands of your arch rival?  With a golden opportunity to show the Cards who's boss in a three game home series and to put some distance between them, the Reds failed miserably.  Instead of the best case scenario of being up 5 games they got tagged with the worst case scenario of being down 1 game.  The Cards outscored the Reds 21-8 in the three game debacle of a series.  If one guys bat was as prolific as his mouth in this series things may have been a little different.  Season record is now 64-51 one game behind the Cards.  Marlins are in town on Friday.

8/10/2010 -  Cards 8 Reds 4 - I went to a prize fight and a baseball game broke out.  Well not quite but almost.  The fireworks got started early with both managers being ejected.  The game was close until the 7th when the Cards scored 3 unanswered runs for the final score.  Season record is now 64-50 and the Cards lead the series 9-5 no other team has beat the Reds more than 5 times this year.  The Cards are now in first by a few percentage points and face the Reds in a day game tomorrow.

8/9/2010 -  Cards 7 Reds 3 - Yikes!  Let's go back and remove the top of the 4th inning. Reds win 3-0, not quite.  OK, let's forget about this one and get ready for the one tomorrow to get that two game advantage back over the Cards.  The 4 game winning streak is halted.  Season record is now 64-49.

What's lost in the mix is the total domination of Ken over his poor handicapping brothers.  Ken has been in first place (best guess) for 84 games in a row and for the 95th time this year.  I think he would trade all that for a Reds victory!

8/8/2010 -  Reds 11 Cubs 4 - Only a sloppy 7th inning by the Reds when the Cubs scored their 4 runs kept this from being a total laugher.  The victory, and sweep of the Cubs assure the Reds will at least maintain their 1 1/2 game lead over the Cards. The cushion could be crucial as the Reds host the Cards tomorrow in a three game series at GABP.  Season record is now 64-48 (.571) the highest winning percentage since July 5th and a season high 16 games over .500.

Ken said -
With their arms and their clubs,
the Reds swept the Cubs.
The offense had Stubbs, the defense, few flubs.
Reds fans are cheering in taverns and pubs.

Seriously, five out of six on the road trip, with three at home starting tomorrow night against the Cards, the Reds can make a move.  Win one and fall into a tie; win two and go up three; win three and go up five.

The games that I'm dreading are the those in the nine day road stretch when they play Arizona, LA and SF from the 18th through the 26th.  They usually fade out out West.  Later on, they have four in Colorado   Well, like they say,  one game at a time.

8/7/2010 -  Reds 4 Cubs 3 - Even with 4 walks and one HBP all in the bottom of the ninth wasn't enough for the Cubs to overcome the Reds 3 run lead. Fortunately, those walks and HBP were interspersed around 2 strikeouts and a pop foul to thwart the Cubbies.  The Reds have won 2/3's of their last 21 games (14-7).  Season record is now 63-48 (.564) the highest winning percentage since July 7th and a season high 15 games over .500.

8/6/2010 -  Reds 3 Cubs 0 - The Reds maintain their slim 1/2 game lead over the Cards with the 3-0 victory over the Cubs.  This was the 8th win versus 3 losses to the Chicago rival.  The Reds also reached a season high 14 games over .500 at the 110 game mark.  Season record is now 62-48 (.564) the highest winning percentage since July 7th.

8/5/2010 -  No game today, visit the Cubs tomorrow.

8/4/2010 -  Reds 9 Pirates 4 - Combined, the two teams score 8 runs in the  7th inning, but fortunately the Reds garnered 6 of those runs to win the game handily.  Janish had 3 hits and 4RB's to lead the charge.  If you want to find fault with the overall effort there were 13 LOB's for the game.  Season record is now 61-48 and a tenuous lead on 1st place.

Dumb stat of the week - The Reds have taken advantage of the Astros, Cubs, and Pirates by securing 22 of their 61 victories from those three teams for 36% of their wins.  Conversely,  they have lost 10 of 48 to those same teams for a 21% loss ratio.  The winning percentage against those three teams is 69%.

8/3/2010 -  Pirates 7  Reds 6 - Almost got there from a 7-1 deficit only to come up a little short leaving 23 runners on base.  Season record is now 60-48.   Thanks to an 18-4 drubbing of the Cards by the Astros the Reds hold onto the slim half game lead in the Central.

8/2/2010 -  Reds 4 Pirates 0 - Shutout pitching and a rare inside the park homerun by Heisey highlighted the 7th victory in 11 games against the Pirates this year.  As of this writing the Cards were leading the Astros to keep the slim lead in the Central.  Season record is now 60-47 and the first time to reach the 13 over .500 mark.
After writing the above the Astros rally big to defeat the Cards and the Reds take over first place. 

8/1/2010 -  Reds 2 Braves 1 - Only 9 hits between the two teams but the Reds get the unearned run to supplement the one RBI by Phillips to give the rival Braves their second loss in as many days.   The Reds still trail the Cards by one-half game due to one extra game in the loss column.  Season record is now 59-47.

7/31/2010 -  Reds 5 Braves 2 - Scoring 4 runs in the 7th inning the Reds overcome an early deficit to defeat the Braves 5-2.  The win gives the Reds a 14-12 record for July and the first victory over the Braves this year.   April record 12-11, May 18-11, and June 14-13.  May is the month that the Reds were really hot and the others were good but not spectacular.  Season record is now 58-47.

7/30/2010 -  Braves 6 Reds 4 - In extra innings the Braves beat the Reds 6-4.  The game was even in runs and close in hits after 9 innings.  The Braves score two  in the 10th to ice the game and take a 3 zip lead in heads-up for the season.  Season record is now 57-47.

7/29/2010 -  No game today.  Host the Braves tomorrow.

7/28/2010 -  Reds 10 Brewers 2   -   After losing the opener to the Brewers the Reds come back strongly in the next two by getting an 8 run victory in both games.  Phillips with the grand slam and Votto with the solo shot were two of the reasons for the lopsided victory.    The Reds will take a days rest and host the Braves on Friday, whom they haven't beaten in the two outing so far this season.  Season record is now 57-46.

7/27/2010 -  Reds 12 Brewers 4   -   The bats came alive again today19 hits but no homeruns.  The Reds are virtually tied with the Cards for first place.  Due to other teams in the west and east at the top of the heap the Reds would not qualify for the wildcard if the season were to end today. Season record is now 56-46.

7/26/2010 -  Brewers 3 Reds 2 -  Homeruns by the Brewers were the difference as the Reds had twice as many hits.  The Reds drew first blood but could not hold on as the Brewers score one run late to seal the deal.  The Cards are two games up in the loss column pending tonight's game against the Mets.  Season record is now 55-46.

7/25/2010 -  Astros 4 Reds 0 -  OK, tell you what, you shut me out today and I'll shut you out tomorrow.  Is that the pact the Reds and the Astros agreed to?  Seems like it as the Reds only get thee hits off Astro pitching to relinquish there hold on first place pending the outcome of the Card and Cub game later today.  Season record is now 55-45.

7/24/2010 -  Reds 7 Astros 0 -  Now we're talking.  The Reds shutout the Astros to make the season series 7-1 on the plus side for the Reds.  The bats were working today as well collecting 14 hits including 3 round trippers.  Season record is now 55-44.
Note from Ken - You say tomato and I say tomahto
you go with Cueto and I'll go with Votto,
either way they were all the Reds needed to move back into first place tonight (well, with a little help from the Cardinals' loss to the Cubs). Votto hit a first inning home ruin and Cueto went eight scoreless innings in a   7-0 victory over the Astros.

The Reds beat Roy Oswalt for the second time in a row, something they'd never accomplished before.

7/23/2010 -  Reds 6 Astros 4 -  Two runs in the 8th by the Reds was the difference in the game.  The win enabled the Reds to pick up a full game on the Cards after their loss to the Cubs earlier in the day.  Season record is now 54-44.

7/22/2010 - Nationals 7 Reds 1  -  After taking the first two games in the four game series the Reds let the last two get away.  Pending the results of the St. Louis game (currently in progress) the Reds are 2 games behind, thanks to an eight game win strike by the Cards.  The Reds go to Houston start a three game series.  The Reds have a five to one edge on the Astros this  season.   Season record is now 53-44.

7/21/2010 - Nationals 8 Reds 5  -  The National's made the most of their 9 hits to score 8 runs versus the Reds 10 hits and 5 runs.   Season record is now 53-43.
Note from Ken - Skip, were you aware that the Reds sold out GABP last night due to Strasburg pitching?  A sellout on a Wednesday for a last place team when the Reds have been in first place so much of the year and they're barely averaging 22.000 a game otherwise!  Go figure.  He got the win, which is all that matters, I suppose, but he didn't pitch well in his 5 and 2/3 innings.

7/20/2010 - Reds 8 Nationals 7 -  Cruising along at 8-1 the Reds get a wake-up call in the 6th when the Nat's pushed 6 runs across the plate to make it an interesting game down to the final out.  A two hour plus rain delay made for a very long evening.  Season record is now 53-42.

7/19/2010 - Reds 7 Nationals 2 -  In the 4th inning  the Reds pushed 4 runs cross the plate as the Reds cruise to the 7-2 victory.  Gomes and Cairo provided most of the pop by getting homeruns. Season record is now 52-42.

7/18/2010 - Rockies 1 Reds 0 -  Three shutouts on the short end in 5 games.   The loss combined with the Cards 9th inning come from behind win over the Dodgers puts the Reds 1/2 game out of first place.  Season record is now    51-42.

7/17/2010 - Reds 8 Rockies 1 - A two run homer by Stubbs in the second and a three run homer by Phillips in the fourth were the big blows as the Reds score 8 runs on only 5 hits.  Season record is now 51-41.

 7/16/2010 - Reds 3 Rockies 2 - The All Star break appears to be just what the doctor ordered to get the Reds back on track.   The Rockies tried to come back in the late innings but didn't have enough punch.  Season record is now 50-41. 

7/15/2010 - No game today.  All Star Break

7/14/2010 - No game today.  All Star Break

7/13/2010 - No game today.  All Star Game

7/12/2010 - No game today.  All Star Break

7/11/2010 - Phillies 1 Reds 0  - The Reds suffer defeat by the same shutout score as yesterday.  The win gives the Phillies a four game sweep of the Reds.  Season record is now 49-41 as the All Star Game and break starts on a downer for the good guys.  The Reds have a 5-6 (.455) record for July.

7/10/2010 - Phillies 1 Reds 0  - What is it with the walk-off whatever's?  Phillies get the extra inning shutout with a walk-off single in the 11th inning.  The Phillies have taken the first three games of the series but domination is not the word to describe the events up to now. Season record is now 49-40 after three consecutive losses to the Phillies.

7/9/2010 - Phillies 9 Reds 7  - One would think that a 7-1 lead in the ninth inning would just about guarantee a victory. But a six run ninth inning barrage  by the Phillies and  walk-off homer by Howard in the tenth sealed the deal for the Phillies.  Season record now 49-39. 

7/8/2010 - Phillies 4 Reds 3  - A walk-off homer by Schneider of the Phillies give them the one run win margin.  Season record now 49-38.  July record is 5-3.

7/7/2010 - Reds 3 Mets 1 - The Reds take the get away game today from the Mets 3-1.  Season record now 49-37.

7/6/2010 - Mets 3 Reds 0 - The bats were absent today, managing only three hits and no runs.  The rubber match for the current series is up for grabs tomorrow.  Season record now 48-37.

7/5/2010 - Reds 8 Mets 6 - What looked like a run-away when the Reds scored   six runs in the 5th inning to only have the Mets come back in the bottom half of the inning to score 5 runs of their own.  The win puts the Reds at a season high 12 games over .500 and winners of 11 of 14.  Season record is 48-36.

Ken has been in the lead in the game within the game for 55 times in a row and 66 times out of 84 possible opportunities.  I think Jim and I are done.  Bring on the proverbial fork.

7/4/2010 - Reds 14 Cubs 3 - The Cubs jumped out to a 2 run lead in the  second inning but it was pretty much the Reds the rest of the way.  Eight runs in the seventh inning was the highlight of the game for Reds fans.   Just for good measure the Reds added another run in the 9th.  The victory gives the Reds 3 of the 4 games in this Wrigley Field series.  Season record is 47-36 and 7 wins to 3 losses to the Cubs this year.

7/3/2010 - Cubs 3 Reds 1 - The Cubs did all of their damage in the 6th inning which was enough to defeat the Reds by the indicated score.   Season record is 46-36.

7/2/2010 - Reds 12 Cubs 0 - Where to start?  After bemoaning the fact that the Reds could only score 3 runs off 16 hits yesterday they really turn it around today and score 9 runs off only three hits in the 7th inning leading the way to a 12-0 victory over the Cubs.   Season record is 46-35 and winners of 8 out of 10 and the second shutout in 9 games.

7/1/2010 - Reds 3 Cubs 2 - The Reds continue the habit of giving up the lead in the late innings but manage to pull out the victory in the end.  It took the Reds 16 hits to score 3 runs, leaving 25 runner on base.  Season record now is correct at 45-35 and winners of 8 out of 10.

6/30/2010 - Reds 4 Phillies 3 - The Phillies jump out to a three - zip lead but the Reds peck away to get the eventual lead and the win.  Season record now is 44-35 and solo first place in the Central. Final June record 14-13.

Guest commentator - Ken Harrison - Reds win, Cards lose; Cincinnati Reds, St. Louie blues.

6/29/2010 - Phillies 9 Reds 6 - The Reds jumped out to a one run lead in the 1st but fell behind 6-1 in the 4th.  Fighting back the Reds tied the score at 6 in the 9th but that was futile as the Phillies came back in the 10th scoring 3 runs of their own for the final score.  Season record now is 43-35.

6/28/2010 - Reds 7 Phillies 3 - In the first meeting between the Reds and the Phillies this season the Reds win rather handily.  The win was registered  despite the 2 runs scored late in the 9th inning by the Phillies.    Season record now is 43-34.

6/27/2010 - Indians 5 Reds 3The Choo Choo train with two homers sealed the Reds fate in the 5-3 defeat today.  The first place lead was maintained with the Cards going down to defeat today also.  Season record now is 42-34.

6/26/2010 - Reds 6 Indians 4The Reds continue the mastery of the Indians coming from behind twice to win against them for the 4 time in 5 attempts.  The win is also the 5th straight to keep the half-game lead over the Cards.  Season record now is 42-33.

6/25/2010 - Reds 10 Indians 3 -  The Reds made the most of their 12 hits by   scoring 10 runs against the Indians.  The win pushes the win streak to 4 and the last ten record up to 5-5.  Season record is now 41-33 and 3-1 versus the in-state rival.

6/24/2010 - No game today.  Hosting the Indians on Friday the 25th.

6/23/2010 - Reds 3 A's 0 -  The shutout bug has been taken off the Reds and put on the A's.  Along with the whitewashing came the sweep as well.  Season record now is 40-33.  The Reds still trail the Cardinals by one game due to two more losses and identical wins.

6/22/2010 - Reds 4 A's 2 -  Thirteen hits is a far cry from the 'Silence of the Bats' the last 5 games or so.   Arroyo pitched 8 strong innings only allowing 5 hits.   Season record is now 39-33, 9-11 for June.  reds take the first two from the A's and looking for the sweep tomorrow.

6/21/2010 - Reds 6 A's 4 -  The Reds explode for 4 runs in the 10th to defeat the A's in their first meeting this year. The A's made it interesting by getting 2 runs of their own before bowing out on a strikeout of A's Cust with one runner on base..  After the Reds got the go away run in the 9th the A's tied it up on the first pitch in their half of the 9th.  Season record is now 38-33, 8-11 for June. 

6/20/2010 - Mariners 1 Reds 0- I repeat, where are the bats?  Another shutout today by the identical score from Friday night.  In the last 6 games the Reds have scored a total of 10 runs compared to the oppositions 26 ( 2 runs vs 4.33 runs per game average).  Season record is now 37-33, 7-11 for June. 

6/19/2010 - Mariners 5 Reds 1 - Where are the bats?  No shutout today but only one run scored in the second loss to the northwest American Leaguers.  The 6th was the decisive inning with 4 runs scored by the Mariners. In the last 5 games the Reds have scored a total of 10 runs compared to the oppositions 25 ( 2 runs vs 5 runs per game average).  Season record is now 37-32, 7-10 for June.  Felix Hernandez gets the complete game victory.

6/18/2010 - Mariners 1 Reds 0 - With first place on the line the Reds couldn't manage to get the offense going in Seattle against the Mariners.  The home team wasn't much better but did eek out the one run necessary to win the game in inter-league play.  This is the second shutout of the Reds in four games.  Season record now is 37-31, June record in 7-9.  Swoon?

6/17/2010 - Reds 7  Dodgers 1 - Three homeruns by the Reds stop the three game loss skid taking the third of the three game series with the Dodgers.  After the second inning he outcome was pretty much settled. Season record ins now 37-30.

6/16/2010 - Dodgers 6 Reds 2 - The Dodgers handed Leake his first loss and climbed into first place in the West while the Reds stay two games back in the Central depending on the outcome of the Cardinals game with the Mariners.  Record is now 36-30 for 2010.

6/15/2010 - Dodgers 12 Reds 0 - Not much to say about this one, the 5th shutout of the Reds this year.  Dodgers tie Reds at 2-2 for the season.  Overall season record now 36-29. 

6/14/2010 - No game today, hosting the Dodgers tomorrow.

6/13/2010  - Royals 7 Reds 3 - The Reds only managed 5 hits while succumbing to 12 strikeouts at the hands of a complete game outing by Royal Greinke.  Butler provided a bulk of the offense for the Royals with 4 hits and 4 runs batted in.  Season record now is 36-28 and June's record is now even at 6.

6/12/2010 - Reds 11 Royals 5 - Gomes had the big bat today with two homers and 6 runs batted in.  All of KC's runs were scored in the 2nd inning forcing the Reds to do a come from behind push like so many of their games of late.  Season record now is 36-27.  June record is now 6-5.

6/11/2010 - Royals 6 Reds 5 - A seesaw affair saw the Reds jump out to a 4-0 lead but couldn't keep the Royals in check.  The Reds did tie the game in th e8th only to lose it in the 11th.  Season record now is 35-27.  The American League team had beat the Reds four straight over two years.  Reds 2 AL 2 for 2010.

6/10/2010 - Reds 7 Giants 6 - The Giants jumped out to a quick 4 run lead but the Reds came back to tie it in the third inning.  Undaunted the Giants score single runs in the 5th and 7th only to have the Reds  score three in the 8th for the final score.  Phillips had a monster game with 4 hits, including a two ribbie triple in the decisive 8th.  Season record now is 35-26.  Next up, Royals for 3.

6/9/2010 - Reds 6 Giants 3 - The Reds bats come alive with 12 hits including a homerun by Stubbs to defeat the Giants for the first time the season.  Season record is now 34-26.  Reds will try to even the series tomorrow with the Giants.

6/8/2010 - Giants 3 Reds 0 - Some timely hitting along with a walk in 8th inning propelled the Giants over the Reds for the second straight day.  The shutout is only the 4th goose egg of the season.  Season record now 33-26 (.559), their lowest won/loss percentage since May 17th.  Cain of the Giants pitched a 7 hit complete game.

6/7/2010 - Giants 6 Reds 5 - The Giants take the first game of the four game series in the first meeting between the cross conference rivals.  The Giants drew first blood but the Reds cane back to take the lead in the 6th but turned around and gave up two runs in the 7th and could not recover.  Season record is now 33-25 and 3-3 for June.  Is the swoon of June about to make it's appearance? 

6/6/2010 - Reds 5 Nationals 4 - The Reds score three in the top of the ninth only to have to have the Nationals tie it up and send it into extra innings.  Then the Reds come right back in the tenth to score the go ahead and final run of the games. 

6/5/2010 -  Reds 5 Nationals 1 - The Reds scored 3 runs in the 8th inning that they really didn't need as they allow only one run (unearned) to defeat the Nationals.    Season record is now 32-24 and trail St. Louis by one full game.

6/4/2010 -  Nationals 4 Reds 2 - Twenty-four hits, 12 by each team.  Twenty-three LOB, 11 by the Reds who couldn't take advantage of the hits they did produce.  The first meeting of the year goes to the Nat's.  The loss makes the 4th defeat in the last 5 outings.  Season record is now 31-24.

6/3/2010 -  No game today.  Play the Nationals in DC on Friday 6/4/2010.

6/2/2010 -  Cards 4 Reds 1  - The Reds only managed 4 hits in a ho-hum loss to the Cardinals today.  The Reds loss enabled the Cards to regain the tie with them for first place in the central.  Season record is now 31-23 and 1-1 for June.
Ken is still leading in the Battle of the Bro's and has a 25 game streak on top.  Moreover he has been in the lead 36 times this year, twice the number of Jim at 18 and Skip has not led at all this year.

6/1/2010 -  Reds 9 Cards 8  - The Reds score first but surrender the lead in the 6th as the Cards punch 4 runs across.  Not to be deterred the visiting Reds come back with 2 in the 7th and hold on to win the game and move back into solo 1st place in the Central.  The 17 total runs were produced by 19 hits and only one error by the Cards.  Season heads-up now 6-5 for the 'Birds.  Overall season Reds record now 31-22.

5/31/2010 -  Cards 12 Reds 4  - What happened to the offense from a couple days ago.  The defense wasn't that good either giving up 12 runs to the Cards and also the solo position in 1st place.  Cards hold a the 6-4 heads-up against the reds this season.  Overall record drops to 30-22.  May's record still wound up a respectable 18-11 (.621).

5/30/2010 -  Astros 2 Reds 0  - Seems like no one wanted to take this one.  In the  tenth inning the Astros push two runs across to hand the Reds a shutout and their first loss to the Astros this year.  Season record now is 30-21.  On to St. Louis to closeout the month of May.

5/29/2010 -  Reds 12 Astros 2 - The consecutive win streak against the Astros moves to 5 games and the overall win streak moves to 4.  The total runs for the first two games of this current series is a lopsided 27-8.  Jay Bruce gets two homers including the big blow 3 run variety in the  3rd inning.  Season record now at 30-20 and a .667 clip for the month of May.

5/28/2010 -  Reds 15 Astros 6 - The offense was offensive today, 16 runs and 19 hits.  Four innings witnessed two or more runs cross the plate for the good guys.  The dominance over the Astros continues unabated with the 16-5 smack-down in Houston today at the hands of the Reds for a 4-0 season to date bragging privilege.  The win gives the Reds a 3 game win streak which surpasses anything they had done since May 18th. Season record is now 29-20 and May appears to be a very good month in the making.

5/27/2010 -  Reds 8 Pirates 2 - The Reds jumped all over the Pirates early and rode the wave for an easy victory over the Pirates today.  The Pirates have lost to the Reds 6 out of 10 outings this season.  The season record is now 28-20 (.583).

5/26/2010 -  Reds 4 Pirates 0 - The Reds have managed three shutouts this year and the Pirates have been the victims in all three of those games including the 4-0 drubbing tonight.  Winning the game also once again gives the Reds the lead in the heads-up games for the season 5-4.  The victory moves the Reds season record to 27-20 (.574).

5/25/2010 -  Pirates 2 Reds 1 - Both teams scored one run in the 8th but the Pirates were able to score another single run in the 9th to break the one each tie to win the game 2-1.  Season record now 26-20.

5/24/2010 -  Reds 7 Pirates 5 - A 5 run 4th inning was the big blow as the Reds defeat the Pirates today.  One run scored on a double-play ball and the rest were scored with clutch two out hitting and an error by the Pirate infielder.  The Pirates tried to come back with 3 runs scored in their half of the seventh but the rally fell short.  Current record now 26-19.

5/23/2010 -  Indians 4 Reds 3  -  Cleveland takes the last game in the three game series with the Reds after dropping the first two at home.  Season record is now 25-19.  Despite the loss, May has been a pretty good month so far for the Reds with a winning percentage of .619.

5/22/2010 -  Reds 6 Indians 4  -  Cleveland rallied for two in the ninth but it was not enough to overcome the lead the Reds had built in the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 7th innings.  Season record improves to 25-18 and keeps the Ohio bragging rights in the southland.

5/21/2010 -  Reds 7 Indians 4  - The see-saw affair sawed in the Reds direction and they were able to pull out the victory against the Indians in inter-league play.  The Reds draw first blood in game one of the three game series against their interstate rivals from Cleveland.  Season record improves to
24-18 a .571 winning clip.

5/20/2010 -  Braves 10 Reds 9  -  It's too painful to talk about.  Season record now is 23-18.  Off to Cleveland.

5/19/2010 -  Braves 5 Reds 4  -  After the Reds scored 3 runs in the 8th and then tying the game with a single run in the top half of the 9th inning let it all slip away as the Braves score a walk off run in their half of the 9th.  Season record is now 23-17 and the win streak ends stopped at 4.  The Reds hold on to first place as the Marlins defeat the Cardinals.

5/18/2010 -  Reds 5 Brewers 4 -  Down 4-2 in the bottom of the 9th inning Scott Rolen hits a two run pinch-hit homer and Votto adds a RBI single to give the Reds the walk off win 5-4, thus taking the mini-series 2-0.  The win is the 9th in the last 10 outings.  Season record is now 23-16 and will play the Braves tomorrow for the first meeting this season.

5/17/2010 -  Reds 6 Brewers 3 -  A three run homer in the 7th by Gomes was the big blow to power the Reds over the Brewers in the first of a two game series.  The win is the third in a row and 8 of 9.  If the Reds keep playing like this the league will have to break then up for being too good.  Season record now is 22-16 and a second season high percentage of .579, which happens to be the highest won/loss percentage since April 13th.

5/16/2010 -  Reds 7 Cards 2 -  Can you say "The first place Reds"?  The pitching continues to be excellent as Arroyo pitches a complete game with 108 pitches and an impressive 75 strikes for a near 70% ratio.  The victory today also brought the total runs scored against the opposition to near even 177-178.  Overall season record now 21-16 a season high 5 games over .500.

5/15/2010 -  Reds 4 Cards 3 -  Same score as last night different winner.  The Reds get the one run victory over the Cards today to setup the series rubber match game tomorrow. Season record now 20-16.  Leake stays perfect at 4-0 and Cordero gets his 12th save.

5/14/2010 -  Cards 4 Reds 3 -  The first two thirds of the game belonged to the Cardinals while scoring all of their 4 runs.  The last trimester belonged to the Reds scoring all of their 3 runs only to come up 1 short.  The loss snaps the 5 game winning streak and brings the overall record to 19-16.  More importantly it puts another game in the standing between the two Central Division leaders and rivals.

5/13/2010 -  No game today.  If the Reds continue to play well the personal battle of the Bro's will be academic by mid-season.  Ken is well on his way to winning the contest again if the Reds can just maintain their record around the .500 mark.  I do not wish them ill will but I believe the June Swoon will once again bring the scores more closely together.  The Cards are in town for three starting tomorrow.

5/12/2010 -  Reds 5 Pirates 0 - Bailey and the Reds zipped the Pirates today to make it back to back shutouts against the opposition.  Score is Reds 16 Pirates 1 for the three game series, most impressive pitching by the Big Red Arm.  The victory matches the longest winning streak of the series at 5 games.  Additionally, the Reds are at a season high 4 games over .500 with an overall record of 19-15.  At the current clip the Reds would have a 91-71 season record.  Quite impressive, putting the Reds in 5th for the best record in the National League and applying extreme pressure to the first place Cards in the Central.

5/11/2010 -  Reds 9 Pirates 0 - Cueto pitched a 1 hit, 8 strikeout, complete game gem to lead  the Reds on a romp of the Pirates.   The triumph improves the win streak to 4 and ups the over .500 spread to 3 at 18-15.  After dropping three to the Buc's earlier in the year the heads-up record is a more respectable 2-3.  Tomorrow could see that season record tied at 3 each.  The lopsided victory helped to move the runs scored differential to -11 with the Reds still on the short end of the stick.

5/10/2010 -  Reds 2 Pirates 1 - The Reds win a close one today against the Pirates.  The win puts the Reds two games or more over .500 for only the second time this season.  Season record is boosted to 17-15 and extends the win streak to three games.

5/9/2010 -  Reds 5 Cubs 3 - The Reds scored first but had to come from behind in the 7th after the Cubs take the lead in the top of of inning.  The Reds followed-up the Cubs 3 runs with 3 runs of their own for the eventual  final score of 5-3.  This concluded the three game series with the Cubs and begins a series on the road in Pittsburgh.  Season record now is 16-15 and marks the 5th time the Reds have been over .500 for the season.

5/8/2010 -  Reds 14 Cubs 2 - The Reds made the most of their 15 hits by scoring 14 runs against the Cubs today.  Reds catcher Hanigan did the most damage with 3 hits producing 5 runs.  The two teams left a total of 42 batters on base with a combined 20 strikeouts.  Season record now back to .500 and the Reds have not won back to back games since April 30th.  Will 14 be the magic number tomorrow for these teams?  Fourteen has been the winners score so far in this series.

5/7/2010 -  Cubs 14 Reds 7 - The Reds scored 4 runs in the 5th and 3 runs in the 9th for 7 runs total but allowed the Cubs to double them up in the run department by scoring multiple times in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 8th innings.  The score was lopsided in favor of the Cubs but the Reds actually outhit Chicago 16-15.  Season record is now 14-15.

5/6/2010 -  No game today.

5/5/2010 -  Reds 5 Mets 4  - After the Mets tied the game in the ninth, thanks to a walk-off homer by Cabrera in the tenth, the Reds top the Mets to take two games of three in the home series.  All three of the  games were one run affairs which only allowed the Reds to close their run gap by one and still trail in the overall runs scored 149-121, which is about one run a game.  Season record is now even again at fourteen and winners of seven out of ten.

5/4/2010 - Mets 5 Reds 4  - The Reds lose a close one today to the Mets 5-4.  The Reds manages only six hits to the Mets 8.  Season record now is 13-14.

5/3/2010 - Reds 3 Mets 2  - The Reds score first and last to win the game against the Mets 3-2 in 11 innings. Season record is now back to an even .500.

5/2/2010 - Cards 6 Reds 0 - The Reds are shutout for the second time this season and can manage only 3 hits in the game in St. Louis.  Season record now is 12 & 13. 

5/1/2010 - Cards 6 Reds 3  - The Reds scored two in the ninth to tie the score at 3 but the Cards pushed across three runs in the bottom of the ninth for the eventual 6-3 final score.  Twelve and twelve is the current season record.

4/30/2010 - Reds 3 Cards 2 - The Reds held the Cards scoreless after the third inning to get the 3-2 victory today.  The victory brings the Reds win streak to five games and a season record to one game over .500 .
Guest commentator for today
"Ken Harrison".
"Hey guys, not that I just jumped on their bandwagon, but how 'bout them Reds?  Last night's game (4/30/2010) was a doozy.  Skip, I know you were gone and Jim, you were probably asleep due to the two hour and 32 minute rain delay between the top and bottom of the sixth, but with the Reds leading 3-2 in the bottom of the eighth, the relief pitcher loaded the bases with nobody out.  He then struck out the next batter and induced an inning-ending DP out of the next guy.  Cordero came on in the ninth to save it for Cueto.  I'm surprised they played as long as they did with the rain pouring down almost from the start and lightning flashing, too.  The forecast for today's day game is for more of the same in St Louis.  I can't understand how the Reds have won five in a row.  If you look at the box score, you'll see only one guy batting over .250.  I guess the starting pitching is starting to come around.

4/29/2010 - Reds 4 Astros 2 - the Reds led all th eway in this one with Houston only able to put  a deuce up in the 7th inning. 
Guest commentator for today
"Ken Harrison".

You probably both know about Roy Oswalt's dominance over the Reds (a god-like 23-1 lifetime until Thursday night).  Keeping in mind that a god-like being is sometimes defined as an avatar, I thought of this could-be headline after the game:

Why?  Because if you look closely, you can see the winning pitcher for the Reds imbedded therein. I know I'm "different" due to some of the things I think up, but indulge a brother, won't you?

While I'm ranting (being anal?), why do announcers and publications refer to a team as being X games over or under .500?  For instance, if its record is 14-10, they say the team is four games over .500, but in reality, since .500 for 24 games is 12, the record is two games over.  This is not due to senility, guys, this occurred to me years ago.

I'm out (of it)! Later.


4/28/2010 - Reds 6 Astros 4 - Despite giving up three runs in the bottom of the ninth the Reds prevail 6-4 over the Astros in Houston.  The victory takes the win streak to three and bring the season record close to .500 at 10-11.  The last ten record is 5-5.  Jim still leads in the Bro's as shown above.

4/27/2010 - Reds 6 Astros 2 - The Reds score multiple runs in the second and sixth innings to defeat the Astros today 6-2.  The victory brings the season record to 9-11 and begins a mini win streak of two straight.  The season total run deficit is twenty-five with the Reds on the short end.

4/26/2010 - No game today

4/25/2010 - Reds 5 Padres 4  - Getting two runs on the board in the bottom of the 8th gave the Reds the come from behind victory.  The win salvaged the last of the three game series with the Pads after losing the first two.  Season record is now 8-11. 

4/24/2010 - Padres 5 Reds 0  - The Reds are shutout by the Padres today while managing only four hits.   This is the first time the Reds have been under .500 by four or more games.  Regular season records is now an unlucky 7-11. 

4/23/2010 - Padres 10 Reds 4  - The Padres score four runs in the second inning and another six in the fourth for their ten runs in the game. The Reds do score two in the bottom of the ninth but the rally fizzles for the final 10-4 score.  Season record now is 7-10.

4/22/2010 - Reds 8 Dodgers 5 - The Reds take two of three on the home stand from the Dodgers.   The seventh inning was the difference when the Reds scored four runs to put it away.  In the three game series the two teams scored a total of 53 runs with the Dodgers scoring the most at 28.  Season record now is 7-9.

4/21/2010 - Dodgers 14 Reds 6 - Dodgers win 14-6 today scoring early and often with only the fourth inning remaining virgin territory from the scoring onslaught.  Season record drops to 6-9.  Nothing more needs to be said about this one.

4/20/2010 - Reds 11 Dodgers 9 - The Reds and Dodgers collectively score 20 runs on 23 hits highlighted by 3 innings in which 3 or more runs were scored.  After allowing  the Dodgers a three spot in the 1st the Reds score 6 of their own in the 2nd only to see the game tied in the 8th at 9 when da' Bums get  4 runs across.  Not to be denied the Reds get a deuce in the bottom of the 8th and hold on for the eventual 11-9 victory.  Season record is now 6-8 and more importantly the 5 game losing streak is history.

4/19/2010 - No game today

4/18/2010 - Pirates 5 Reds 3 - A five run fourth inning was all it took for the Pirates to defeat the Reds today 5-3.  The Reds losing streak is now 5 games and the overall record has dropped to 5-8.  The Reds are going home to face the Dodgers, maybe some home cooking will set the ship aright. 

4/17/2010 - Pirates 5 Reds 4 - Two runs in the last of the ninth sealed the Reds fate in a come from behind victory for the Pirates 5-4.  This extends the Reds losing streak to four games and 5-7 overall.

4/16/2010 - Pirates 4 Reds 3 - The Reds comeback to score two runs in the eight and one in the ninth to tie the Pirates at three apiece but allow a two out run scoring hit in the bottom of the ninth to lose the game 4-3.  This knocks the Reds down below the 500 mark for the season at 5-6.

4/15/2010 - Marlins 10 Reds 2 - The Marlins get even in the current series with a 10-2 drubbing of the Reds on this Thursday night.  Record is now even at 5 up and five down. 

4/14/2010 - Marlins 5 Reds 3 - The Marlins scored 1 run in five of the first six innings to defeat the Reds today 5-3.  The Reds record is now 5-4 and brings their three game winning streak to an end.

4/13/2010 - Reds 10 Marlins 8 - More extra innings heroics as the Reds get the the 10-8 win in eleven against the Marlins.  Votto and Phillips are the late innings stars.  Reds now 5-3.

 4/12/2010 - Reds 6 Marlins 5 - Scott Rolen was the hero today with 2 homers and an RBI in the tenth to propel the Reds to a 6-5 victory today to take the series first game against the Marlins.  The Reds are now 4-3 for the season.  Of course Ken is the leader of the Bro's.

4/11/2010 - Reds 3 Cubs 1 - The Reds even  up the season record at 3-3 by defeating the Cubs today 3-1.  Leaf pitched well in his debut but Masset got the win.  The Reds are now off on a 7 game road trip.  Ken is right on again with his break even prediction.

4/10/2010 - Cubs 4 Reds 3 - The Reds had a 3-0 lead going into the 4th but couldn't hold the lead.  Lose to the Cubs today 4-3. The Reds are now 2-3 for the early season.  Jim takes the early lead in the battle of the Bro's.  Ken really has the advantage though.  If the Reds can some how finish above .500 he is a shoe-in for winner circle of the BOTB's.

4/9/2010 - Reds 5 Cubs 4 - Drew Stubbs hit a grand slam in the 8th with no outs to give the Reds the eventual victory today 5-4.  The blast to straight away center came after two walks and a bunt setup the slammy.  The Reds are  now 2-2 and Ken is right on the money ( here we go again).

4/8/2010 - Reds 2 Cards 1 -Jonny Gomes hit a solo homer with one out in the bottom of the ninth inning today to give the Reds the get-away game from the Cardinals 2-1.  Record has improved to 1-2.
Closest to actual %Jim..148Ken    0.167Skip    0.154

4/7/2010 - Cards 6 Reds 3 - Reds perfect season is still intact. Losers today to the Cardinals
GameRedsOpponentTeamWonLostStreakLast  10
1611Cardinals01Lost  1W 0 / L 1
236Cardinals01Lost  2W 0 / L 2

4/6/2010 - With no reservation I predict the Reds will not lose today.

4/5/2010 - Opening Day.  Cards11 Reds 6 -  The predictions are in. 

Jim7884 .481
Ken8181 .500
Skip7983 .488

Reds perfect season (on the winning side) has ended after the first game.  St. Louis takes the opener 11-6.  Pujols and Molina doing the damage with 2 home runs and a grand slam respectively.  Harang is beat-up as the all time Reds opening series starter.  Fans question Dusty Baker's strategy.

Players ???

Jim, Ken, & Skip



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09/04/10at CaliforniaBerkeley, Calif.2:00 p.m. PT
09/11/10vs. Portland StateDavis, Calif.6:00 p.m. PT
09/18/10at Univ. of San DiegoSan Diego, Calif.6:05 p.m. PT
09/25/10at Weber StateOgden, UtahTBA
10/02/10at San Jose StateSan Jose, Calif.5:00 p.m. PT
10/09/10vs. South Dakota
Davis, Calif.2:00 p.m. PT
10/23/10vs. South Alabama
(Parents Weekend)
Davis, Calif.2:00 p.m. PT
10/30/10vs. Southern UtahDavis, Calif.2:00 p.m. PT
11/06/10at North DakotaGrand Forks, N.D.TBA
11/13/10at Cal Poly
(Battle for the Golden Horseshoe)
San Luis Obispo, Calif.TBA
11/20/10vs. Sacramento State
(57th annual Causeway Classic)
Davis, Calif.2:00 p.m. PT

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UC Bearcats  2010 - 2011

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2010-2011 SCHEDULE
DateOpponent / EventLocationTime / Result
Sat., Sep. 4at Fresno State TVFresno, Calif.10:00 p.m. ET
Sat., Sep. 11vs. Indiana StateNippert StadiumTBA
Thu., Sep. 16at North Carolina State TVRaleigh, N.C.7:30 p.m. ET
Sat., Sep. 25vs. OklahomaCincinnati, Ohio (Paul Brown Stadium)TBA
Sat., Oct. 9vs. Miami (OH)Nippert StadiumTBA
Fri., Oct. 15at Louisville * TVLouisville, Ky.8:00 p.m. ET
Fri., Oct. 22vs. USF * TVNippert Stadium8:00 p.m. ET
Sat., Oct. 30vs. Syracuse *Nippert Stadium
Sat., Nov. 13at West Virginia *Morgantown, W.Va.TBA
Sat., Nov. 20vs. Rutgers *Nippert StadiumTBA
Sat., Nov. 27at Connecticut *East Hartford, Conn.TBA
Sat., Dec. 4vs. Pittsburgh * TVNippert StadiumTBA

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San Francisco 49'ers 2009 - 2010

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WkDateGameStadiumTime (ET)
113-SepSF @ ARIUniversity of Phoenix Stadium4:15 PM
220-SepSEA @ SFCandlestick Park4:05 PM
327-SepSF @ MINHubert H. Humphrey Metrodome1:00 PM
44-OctSTL @ SFCandlestick Park4:15 PM
511-OctATL @ SFCandlestick Park4:05 PM
725-OctSF @ HOUReliant Stadium1:00 PM
81-NovSF @ INDLucas Oil Stadium1:00 PM
98-NovTEN @ SFCandlestick Park4:15 PM
1012-NovCHI @ SFCandlestick Park8:20 PM
1122-NovSF @ GBLambeau Field1:00 PM
1229-NovJAC @ SFCandlestick Park4:05 PM
136-DecSF @ SEAQwest Field4:15 PM
1414-DecARI @ SFCandlestick Park8:30 PM
1520-DecSF @ PHILincoln Financial Field1:00 PM
1627-DecDET @ SFCandlestick Park4:05 PM
173-JanSF @ STLEdward Jones Dome1:00 PM

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Cincinnati Bengals
2009 - 2010

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WkDateGameStadiumTime (ET)
113-SepDEN @ CINPaul Brown Stadium1:00 PM
220-SepCIN @ GBLambeau Field1:00 PM
327-SepPIT @ CINPaul Brown Stadium4:15 PM
44-OctCIN @ CLECleveland Browns Stadium1:00 PM
511-OctCIN @ BALM&T Bank Stadium1:00 PM
618-OctHOU @ CINPaul Brown Stadium1:00 PM
725-OctCHI @ CINPaul Brown Stadium1:00 PM
98-NovBAL @ CINPaul Brown Stadium1:00 PM
1015-NovCIN @ PITHeinz Field1:00 PM
1122-NovCIN @ OAKOakland Coliseum4:15 PM
1229-NovCLE @ CINPaul Brown Stadium1:00 PM
136-DecDET @ CINPaul Brown Stadium1:00 PM
1413-DecCIN @ MINHubert H. Humphrey Metrodome1:00 PM
1520-DecCIN @ SDQualcomm Stadium4:05 PM
1627-DecKC @ CINPaul Brown Stadium1:00 PM
173-JanCIN @ NYJGiants Stadium1:00 PM

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